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Reviewed by CoolSk8r32 (Yep, I'm a staff now!!!)

Could be better... Still worth about half an hour of amusement, though. Download it, I...


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Reviewed by CoolSk8r32 (Yep, I'm a staff now!!!)

Could be better... Still worth about half an hour of amusement, though. Download it, I guess. In the first scenario, you leave a town of crazy egyptians (and why did he put in a town center for your one person - you also have villagers and a scout so technically you could build an army before you start out...) and go through a tartar-infested desert to find a norse town, who tell you to go kill some animals and then they will allow you to see their chief in the longhouse. You hear of their quest and join them, adding one more warrior to their force of 12, to go to the land of King Hrothgar. A mediocre cut-scene (it's not a cinematic; no cinematic mode) ends this scenario. In the second part, "Help King Hrothgar", you go back to the Vikings' homeland to find that he cannot stop the enemy's invading of his lands. This scenario isn't too much fun. The third scenario is pretty straightforward; build a small army, go into the enemy base "underground", and kill the medusa (mother) at the end of the winding path in the enemy town.

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Download '13th_warrior_cam.zip' (343KB)

Age of Mythology 
The 13th Warrior Campaign, containing 3 scenario's.
In AD 922, Arab courtier Ahmad Ibn Fahdlan accompanies a party of Vikings to the barbaric North. Ibn Fahdlan is appalled by the Vikings customs - their wanton sexuality, their disregard for cleanliness, their cold-blooded human sacrifices. And then he learns the horrifying truth: he has been enlisted to combat a terror that slaughters the Vikings and devours their flesh.

This Age of Mythology campaign is inspired by the film "The 13th Warrior" (by John McTiernan, 1999) with Antonio Banderas playing Ibn Fahdlan. 
The film is based on the novel Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton.

part 1 "Arab Ibns Exile" 
Appointed ambassador. Make contact with barbarian tribes. 
(Introduction and cinematic teaser)

Before the dawn of the second millennium (922 A.D.), the city of Baghdad is the center of highest civilization. Within its cultured protection, young Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan enjoys the privileges of a prominent position until he succumbs to a politically dangerous relationship with a beautiful young woman. Sent away as an appointed emissary to a distant land, Ibn is traveling by caravan with his mentor and manservant, Melchisidek, when he meets a band of warriors. 
Ibn is appalled by Viking customs -- the wanton sexuality of their pale, angular women, their disregard for cleanliness, and their cold-blooded human sacrifices. Regardless of his feelings towards them, an old soothsayer whom the Vikings call the angel of death, cast the bones and warns the band that they will fail unless they are accompanied on their journey by a 13th warrior and one who is not from the North. 
Branded as the foreigner they need to succeed, Ibn is enlisted as they set out on their conquest by sea to Venden, the land of King Hrothgar. 

part 2. "Help King Hrothgar"
The king and his wife have been unable tot stop their enemy's rampage.

Led by the enigmatic and courageous Buliwyf, the warriors include Herger the Joyous whose love of women is only exceeded by his love of fighting. Herger becomes Ibn's most frequent tormentor, and his closest ally, as he travels with the group that also includes Helfdane the Large, Roneth the Horseman, Rethel the Archer, Skeld the Superstitious, Weath the Musician, Edgtho the Silent, Halga the Wise, Hyglak the Quarrelsome, Haltaf the Boy and Ragnar the Dour. 
Arriving at the warriors' northern homeland ruled by the elderly King Hrothgar, Ibn discovers that the King and his young wife Queen Weilew have been unable to stop their enemy's rampage. 

part 3. "Eaters of the Dead"
Deal with this formidable enemy in their underground base. 

We 've lost Skeld, Halga and Roneth. And Rethel will soon join them. 
To stop the continious attacks, we need to find the root. 
Kill the mother and you will strike their will. They want us to think they are bear. 
How do you hunt bears ? Enter their cave.  

Created by Frank Meeuwsen
Age of Mythology NL

Unzip *.scn to \Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\scenario
Unzip *.cpn to \Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\data
You can either load a scenario or play the Campaign.
(Choose Play Campaign, click on current Campaign-name and select this one in dropdownlist)

V1.0 : 2003 jan.15 13th_warrior1.scn  
V1.1 : 2003 jan.26 update 13th_warrior1.scn (objectives and dialogsound added)
V2.0 : 2003 feb.05 13th_warrior2.scn added 
V2.1 : 2003 feb.07 13th_warrior3.scn terrain painted, no triggers and objective yet 
V3.0 : 2003 feb.09 Campaign completed 
                   containing Campaign menu, triggers, cinematics and sound 
V3.1 : 2003 feb.14 correcting Set Tech triggers after update patch 1.04 
V3.2 : 2003 feb.16 Balancing AI strength scen3 on Moderate and Hard                 
V3.30: 2003 feb.21 ref AoMHeaven reviews: 
	scn1 Lose condition added,
	scn2 win-trigger should works now, 
	scn2+3 quick upgrade to next age. 
	(Difficulty level difference added but doesnt seem to work. bug ?)
V3.31: 2003 feb.26 Trigger of quick upgrade to Age2 gives problem of not able to build Armory. 
	So I replaced this by more startresources to Upgrade quickly.

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