9 Mile Quest (Reviewed)



Reviewer: PCGamerMofo

- This is a really great map. Every trigger worked perfectely, and they all seemed to "fit" together. It is a challenge to beat (I barely won!), which I like a lot. You get a nice amount of units to win with, but you need every one of them. The layout of the map was great, and the trees and water helped lay out the way you go. The story line was small, but sufficient for one mission. This was one fun map, and it took me about 30 minutes to complete. I do not like a map which takes 3 hours to beat. So in closing, check out the screenies below, and download this map! -

Reviewer: CoolSk8r32 I definitely liked this map. Contrary to the section it is in, it is not a campaign but a scenario. This map is good, and while a little bit more eye candy would've given it the final touch, it still has good gameplay and the triggers are good and have exact timing. I agree with Pcgamermofo: you need every last one of your units to win, but it didn't take me all too long to beat this. The playing time of this is about one half-hour. Good map, Mojo14! My rating is 9.2 / 10

In a time of grief, in a land plagued by evil, a trial takes place.

The trial of a thug, the trial to bring peace to the lands captured by evil.

Your quest begins, where many ended, fight your way out of jail and begin your quest to redeem your self of all the lying and stealing you did in your past life.

An evil Swordsman has taken over the land and the gods have sent you along with a few others to bring back the freedom to the lands.

Fight along side your ally trough 100s of enemies and bring the evil Swordsman's kingdom to its knees in this fast paced adventure game.

Can you handle the quest before you?


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