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Read the readme for the desciption.

Reviewer: Ashatay Date: 05/21/03 Map: ‘A New Domain’ ID: 13771 Overall rating: 99%

Breakdown: Creativity: 10/10 Challenge: 10/10 Map usage: 10/10 Enemy buildup: 9/10 Player buildup: 10/10 Resource Placement: 10/10 Amusement: 10/10 Interest Level: 10/10 Messages: 10/10 Objectives: 10/10

Comments: I liked how most of the gold was protected by a ‘neutral’ computer player who occasionally would attack but guarded the gold for the most part. I say ‘neutral’ because it was an enemy to both myself and my own enemy yet didn’t build any forces. You, as the player, start with a very small party and must claim a settlement. The options are to take one that is open and face the guardians of the gold, or destroy one of your enemies and take it. I destroyed one only to surround myself with the enemy buildings. After a good 15 minutes I had a working village that could defend itself and started building an army. I will continue to play this map over and over with different strategies because it is that fun. This map poses a challenge and yet is still winnable with some effort.

Reviewer: t0m

This map was interesting but for the most part bad... I did not like the lack of gold (I needed it as I was playing as Greeks) I was attacked continuosly throughout the game (The horror never stopped) and just when I seem like I am cowering in a corner, the enemy lays off its relentless pursuit of me. Then I come in and take over the map, forcing the enemy into a corner. I give this map on a scale of 1 to 10, a 7. Good but not the best.

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Download 'a_new_domain_sp.zip' (109KB)

							A New Domain


Unzip to the folder "Age of Mythology/Scenario."  You can then open it in the map editor or play it under the "single player" menu.


Arkantos has started conquering, and Gargarensis stands in his path.  He must be destroyed!  This fun scenario
took a few hours to make, and is worthy of playing it.  It includes two cinematics, (if you like these, check out
my other maps, "Gargarensis" and "Theris"), and has many triggers and fun things to explore.  The objectives are
clear and easy to follow, and some hints are provided.  You don't need to use cheats, it's not as hard as that!
Thanks for playing!!!

Questions or Comments?  Email me at aboyd@csus.com or soaperab@attbi.com

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