Again Trouble (Reviewed)



This is a fairly made scenario by Slavel, which I assume is a beta, by the quote "not quite done but if you all like my map, it will finish soon". I thought this was an average map, with a few negative qualities. There were a few grammatical errors, but that is excuseable since it is a Dutch author. The plot seemed weak and uncreative, and sometimes I wish people would change the names Ajax and Amanra to better fit an original plot. Overall, I think this is an average file with some eyecandy but not a strong storyline.

Reviwer:t0m Well this is a better scenario made by Slavel. The other one seemed to kill us all. I do believe this one is a Beta though. The translations went along more smoothly than I expected. Although I didnt quite seem to comprehend the plot, it was fairly understandable. Keep working Slavel! Youll get there.



File(s)			: Again Trouble, Strange Places
Author			: SlaveI
Email Address		: [email protected]
Website			: Nope

=======**Map Information**======

Again Trouble has maded by a Dutch author, but has translated into English
It's not quite done but if you all like my map, it will finish soon. As
well the map Strange places.That has made by my own brother 
íf you find bugs or irritating triggers, mail me. It's just my first
scenario . If you change the level and triggers, let me know I want
to see how other people think about it. Still dont know how all the triggers
exactly work. (by the way, my english is not very well)

======**Tested and Install**=====

Tested by		: Me and my little brother
Build Time		: one week

Just extract the 2 files to your /age of mythology/scenario map

To see how the makers of AOM did the triggers, I saved a Scenario
exit the game, copied the saved file in your /age of mythology/savegame
and paste it to my /age of mythology/scenario map. Started the game and
opended the editor, load the saved file, look at the triggers and cameratracks
and use the ideas for your own level. That's how i do it, works well

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