Age of Emprires The Conquerors Conversion



This is a bunch of maps that I made in Age of Mythology The Titans. The maps are from Age of Empires 2 The Conquerers. The maps are very nice but in Fortress there is barely anything but the towns and a huge forest. Since the size is so small there is no reason not to download it to just try it out.



This is a pack of maps that is basically a bunch of maps from AoE 2 The Conquerers that i made using the map editor in AoM The Titans.

A large grassy map with three rivers coming towards the middle.
Highlands 2
A large snowy map with three rivers heading towards the middle.

Note: There are 2 highlands because in the conquerers there are atleast two  types (snowy and grassy).
Gold Rush
A grassy map with lots of gold mines.
A grassy map where each person starts with a walled in town.
A large desert map.

Installation: This is made in the map editor and not using any thing else so i have no idea whether this will work.

Go to My Documents/My Games/Age of Mythology/Scenario and copy and paste all of the scx files into there.
Start up AoM The Titans and go to campaign. When you see the come-down menu thingy above the prologue click on it (the menu not the prologue) and then click on load scenarios. Then click on the map you want to play.

If this works i'll start making more maps.


Me for making the maps
My brother for inspiration

Legal Stuff:
No copying this without giving me credit.

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