Age of Mythology v1.02 Patch

AoM patch 1.02This patch modifies some units and fixes some exploits :D


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AoM patch 1.02 This patch modifies some units and fixes some exploits :D

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Age Of Mythology(tm) v1.02
Patch Release Notes
December 05, 2002

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Patch 1.02 - fixes an exploit, some balance concerns and a couple of ESO issues.


- Fixed some possible timing exploits.
- Scenarios where the "Ulfsark" unit is forbidden no longer allow Ulfsarks to still be created from Dwarves or Gatherers.
- Unit Balance Adjustments (NOTE: Save games from versions 1.00 and 1.01 will not be affected by the balance changes. Recorded games from versions 1.00 and 1.01 are still supported and will replay as before):
?Odin now gets his hunting bonus. The actual change was to increase Odin Villager and Dwarf hunting rate from +10% to +20%.
?Thor's Pig Sticker improvement now affects hunting rate. The actual change was to increase hunting rate from +10% to +20%.
?Loki's Ox Carts are now weaker instead of stronger. The actual change was to subtract 80 hitpoints from Loki Ox Carts.
?Raiding Cavaly have +10% more Pierce and +5% Hack Armor. This should let Norse counter archers more easily in the Classical Age.
?Norse Longhouse now costs 110 Wood instead of 130 Wood. This will let Norse make more Longhouses.
?Isis Obelisks now cost 10 Gold instead of 5 Gold. This should prevent Isis from making quite so many Obelisks.
?Egyptian Barracks now cost 75 Gold instead of 50 Gold. This will prevent Egyptians from making quite so many Barracks.
?Ancestors now have 140 hitpoints instead of 180 hitpoints. This makes the God Power a bit weaker, but will also affect Mummy Minions.
?Hippikons now take 20 seconds to train in Classical. They remain at 15 seconds in Heroic and Mythic. This should make it harder for Poseidon especially from having such large cavalry armies in Classical.
?Helepoli now have -15% Hack armor, occupy +1 pop slots, and have -50 hitpoints. This should discourage the "all Helepoli armies" in Mythic.


- A fix to help address the stats 2,4 error has been added.
- Changed the input and output chat text color to white for easier reading.

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