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Review is coming :D Review is coming :D

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				    * The Rebellion of Ahmose *


I downloaded the "Ahmose" campaign by Aven Dawnbringer, and I found a few things I wanted to change.  It is a great idea,
I just felt like there could've been a little more time and effort put into the map design and trigger complexity.  This
is basically the same thing except for the scenario is easier and, well, all the tiny problems are fixed.  Not much change!


Put the file Ahmose.scn into the directory "Age of Mythology/Scenario"

Questions or Comments?  Don't ask me, ask the creator of the original scenario, Aven Dawnbringer!  


						Aven Dawnbringer for having the idea
						Aven Dawnbringer for creating the original scenario
						CoolSk8r32 for editing the scenario

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