Ain Dalla



This scenario includes a mod or two that must be installed with the scenario. good directions are given, however.

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				***Ain Dalla***

Developer: Blue Dragon27
Email: [email protected]
Requirements: AOM: The Titans

1. Place the .scx file in the Age of Mythology/Scenario folder
2. Place the waterfall.wav file in the Age of Mythology/Sounds folder
3. Place the remaining sound files (the mp3 files) in the 
   Age of Mythology/sounds/music/fight folder

------------------Installation of the unit mod-----------------
**Important! If you have AoM: The Titans, you have to use Protox.xml. If you have AoM, use Proto.xml!**

1. Open up your proto.xml/protox.xml. If you don't have one, then you have to...

_____1. Open up AoMED (Available at AoMFiles or AoMH)
_____2. Click "Set Input Data File"
_____3. Find data.bar(AoM) or data2.bar(Titans) at Age of Mythology/Data
_____4. Click "Read Data File"
_____5. A green, matrix-y window will open. Let it write the files. 
_____6. Re-open AoMED. Click "Direct File Conversion".
_____7. Find the folder where the files were extracted, which is AoM/Data if you didn't specify a different folder. Click 
_____ either Proto.xmb(AoM) or Protox.xmb(Titans). 
_____8. Click Ok. Now Proto.xml(AoM) or Protox.xml(Titans) will now be at AoM/Data if that was your specified folder.

2. Now that you have Proto/Protox open it up with Notepad. 
3. Go to the very bottom of Proto.xml/Protox.xml, and make a space between </action> and </unit>, like -

4. Copy and Paste queen Proto into the new space. Make sure it ends up like-
			<param name=&quot;Rate&quot; type=&quot;AbstractTemple&quot; value1=&quot;1.0&quot;></param>
</proto>                               ...and---

        <unit id=&quot;&quot; name=&quot;Egyptian Queen&quot;>

5. Also make sure that the unit id is one more higher than the unit's before. For Example, if -
        <unit id=&quot;800&quot; name=&quot;Bella&quot;>
Then make the queen-
        <unit id=&quot;801&quot; name=&quot;Egyptian Queen&quot;>

6. Save the Proto.xml/protox.xml and, using AoMED, convert it to proto.xmb or protox.xmb and place it in the AoM/Data folder.

7.Place the Egyptian Queen_anim in the Age of Mythology/anim folder

8. Place the villager e female1.ddt and villager e queen head.ddt files in the Age of Mythology/Textures folder

9. Place the two 'archer g queen icon...'.ddt files in the Age of Mythology/Textures/icons folder

-------------------Thanx goes to-------------------
Ensemble studios for creating the AOM titles
Whoever created the texture used in this mod

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