Alone in the Dark (part 1)



The beginning of a great war, and the plan of an evil maniac. The first part of a great saga.



File Details 
Style: Role Playing Strategy 
# of Scenarios: 2 
Version: AoM 
Hundreds of years passed without incident. It seemed that the world had calmed down, and that the old rulers had died out, and left the planet to the Humans. But one relic had been left behind from the previous rulers. A stone that could bring life and prosperity to any place. A seemingly innocent item, but with a darker intention. This is the story of how it was controlled, and how it was destroyed. And that in the hour of seemingly endless prosperity, the world, and its defenders were left alone in the dark..

Long ago the Planet was ruled by an Advanced people. Their names were not remembered, nor were their actions. Only a few even knew of their existance, but many relics were left behind. But time took it's toll on them, the relics were destroyed by nature's fury. But one was found by a man named Kemsyt. An insane soldier, from a war long ago. But his plan was good in his eyes, evil in others..this is his story and how he was stopped. And the world brought out of the darkess..

The Alone in the Dark game will contain two scenarios, one of them is a cutscene, the other is a well crafted playable level. Each level will contain

- New Sounds
- New Music
-Great Story
-Great Gameplay
-Bonus features

UPDATE: 3/22/04
-This campaign has been discontinued
The author is currently working on a SW:GB game.

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