Anubis (Reviewed)

Reviewer: CoolSk8r32

Created by Dozza

Well, well, well, the promising modder Dozza returns! And with a superb unit, Anubis. He mods...


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Reviewer: CoolSk8r32

Created by Dozza

Well, well, well, the promising modder Dozza returns! And with a superb unit, Anubis. He mods the Guardian model, but Anubis is a WHOLE NEW UNIT, not just a texture mod. It is pretty good, and I'm guessing he really tried to make this mod like the Anubis on the Age of Mythology box cover. It would be hard to give him a six-pack, so he didn't, but he DID give Anubis a newer sword, which could be bigger (in my opinion), but is good nonetheless. The Guardian is sort of a "Fight-for-the-Good-Side" guy texture, but Anubis's texture is more... maniacal... evil... and stuff like that. Recommended!

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Developer: Dozza
E-Mail (MSN Messenger): [email protected]

Unit Name: Anubis
Anu-Who?: God of the Dead
Template: Guardian


Hack - 98
Crush - 98
Peirce - 98
Hack - 4000
Crush - 4000

He is like Osiris, but Osiris has the little edge over him (+1000 on Hack and Crush attack + peirce). He can kil most units with one hit, but doesn't attack multiple units at once.


1-Back up your proto, make a new folder called oldproto, make a copy of the proto and paste it into there.

2-Copy and Paste all the contents of the 'Anubisprotofile' into your proto, at the bottem in between </unit> and </proto>.

3-Extract the 'anubis.ddt' file into your textures folder. Don't let it go into a folder inside that folder.

4-Extract the 'Anubis_anim' text file into your anim file. Don't put it into a second file inside that called animation.

5-Extract the 'anubis' text file into the history folder, again, don't put it into a second folder.

6-Run through all the folders from point 3-5 and make sure the files are in the main textures, anim and history folders, which should be named by that.


-This is my first MOD. Don't let that put you of, i have had a great response from coolsk8ter who we all know, and love his textures ;).
-Size matters not. This unit isn't as big as the god Osiris but it is way taller than human soldiers and myth units. Think along the lines of Living Poseidon... or Guardian!
-If you get the mesaage: Initialization Failed when trying to play the game (after you have installed this MOD) just reverse what you just did. There is a low possibility of this happening and will be because you installed it wrong. After reversing try again, if it doesn't work again either E-Mail me or add me to MSN messenger(prefered).
-Please don't modify it! It took me a long time to create, something i would hate is for someone to download it and change it because soemthing isn't as they want.
-E-mail me if you want to use this MOD in a campaign, please don't just use it, without telling me. I will let you use it, no need to worry about that but i would just like to know. :)

--Thanks to...--

Microsoft and Ensemble studios for this game!
The many people and things that got me started on Modding, campaign making and stuff.

coolsk8er - He taught me how, and helps me along with this stuff. I was slightly impatient, sometimes i opposed, it took alot to teach me. Alot. Put it this way: If i were him i wouldn't of put up with me. So my biggest thanks go to him: For getting me started, for helping me along the way and for answering my calls, when i asked. coolsk8er - you rock!


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