Age of Mythology v1.05 Patch

AoM patch finaly out. this Patch is used if the auto patch fails.patch history


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AoM patch finaly out. this Patch is used if the auto patch fails.

patch history

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Age Of Mythology(tm) v1.05
Patch Release Notes
March 31, 2003

If you are encountering out of sync (OOS) problems when playing multiplayer, go to and ensure that you have the latest updates.  Specifically, downloading and installing the Microsoft Processor Driver Version 5.1.2600.1152 for the AMD Athlon is known to fix potential out of sync problems. Also, if you are having trouble connecting to ESO or to games and other users, please check out the Age of Mythology FAQ on

Patch 1.05 - fixes an exploit, a crash, a few ESO issues and some balance concerns.


- Fixed an exploit that allowed Armory techs to be researched twice.
- Fixed some minor localization bugs.
- Fixed a crash caused by alt-tabbing out of the application.
- The "Nomad" random map now correctly fires the "Ceasefire" god power at startup. In specific, god power triggers now work properly in multiplayer scenarios and random maps.
- Detailed help text can now be provided in user-created random map scripts. The "detailsText" attribute is now supported in random map XML files, and allows plain-text setting of the detail help for that random map.
- Unit Balance Adjustments (NOTE: Save games from all previous versions will not be affected by the balance changes. Recorded games from all previous versions are still supported and will replay as before):
•	Fixed a bug in which Flaming Weapons made Hammerships 10X too powerful.
•	Norse no longer get bonus favor from Longboats (this also means they don't contribute Favor for Loki's free summoning).
•	Throwing Axeman attack dropped very slightly (-0.5).
•	Valkyrie costs slightly more (+5) Favor.
•	Fire Giant normal attack does less damage, but his special attack does more.
•	Kraken normal attack does much less damage, and is -100 hitpoints.
•	War Elephant attack (+2) and hack armor (+5%) increased.
•	Priest does more bonus damage (+2) versus Myth Units.


Added better diagnostics when establishing the initial ESO connection. This includes better error messages on what to do to solve common ESO connection issues. This should immensely help players using routers/NATs.
Added improvements in establishing connections to other players.
Fixed the “Drop Trick” bug. Players that force a disconnect early will not be allowed to upload stats.
Fixed the Vote dialog to expedite a no-consensus situation (related to drop tricking) and to drop poor connections faster.
Renamed ESO chat channels to be category based. ESO will also remember the last chat channel you were in and, if possible, return you to that channel on relogin.

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