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AOM soundpack V2 By: Ikariya

There is a lack of good sound effects in AOM (Especially the combat ones! Uggh). What seem like huge grueso...


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AOM soundpack V2 By: Ikariya

There is a lack of good sound effects in AOM (Especially the combat ones! Uggh). What seem like huge gruesome battles are awefully muted. With such a lack of feedback, the game lost of lot of the atmosphere that was present in AOK. Thankfully, Ensemble made the sounds very easy to modify and change, thus, the first AOM soundpack was born!

I took the best sounds I could find from a variety of games to create this, changing everything from the most obvious (Combat and siege sounds) to the most subtle ones (Farming). Overall, there should be a huge improvement in "feel" of the game.

List of Changes:

Arrow hitting Flesh, Building, and Metal sounds Attack warning and Town bell Avenger death and grunt Ballista, catapult, and Siege towers attack and death Siege select and move sounds Generic heavy fall Sword slicing against sword sounds Pheonix attack Sword on flesh, metal, and building Crush (Ram, catapult, etc) vs building sound

New as of V2:

Minotaur Gore sound (Maybe now ppl will use them =P) Ajax grunt Barracks, Academy, Longhouse, House, Temple, Castle, Farm, Wall, Archery range, Armory, Tower, Town center, and Siege camp sounds. (Yay, the stupid default ones are gone) Anubite Camelry death Colossus grunt Female grunt and death Giant footsteps Male grunt and death (These are quite cool =D, but I guess some might not like them. You can easily delete them if you don't want them though) Healing spring (It actually sounds like water now) Horse grunt Fire giant attack, death Nidhogg and Pheonix (They actually sound like huge dragons now!) Odysseus grunt and death (The default ones sounded really bad IMHO) Scarab death (Sounds so cool now!) Farming sounds! and farm birth and death (No more sand farms =D) Fimbulwinter Wadjet grunt, death, and spit (The defaults were s bad!)

To install, just extract to your Age of Mythology\sound folder. It won't replace any files (Except the ones from my previous versions), and if there is any sound you don't like, just delete it!

Version History:

V0.8: Initial Release

V0.9: Removed Attack warning and Town bell, all siege engine sounds, and swordonflesh sounds due to possible copyright infringment =P. Added Einheriar horn sound with added war cry at the end.

V2: Huge update. Added tons of great sounds, this time replacing anything that I thought sounded below average.

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