AoM 'The Golden Gift' Campaign - English



The Golden Gift, a new official Age of Mythology campaign produced by Ensemble Studios, follows the adventures of Brokk and Eitri, two dwarven brothers featured in the original Age of Mythology Fall of the Trident campaign. This four-scenario campaign follows the brothers' first encounter with the god Loki and features all-new voice acting by the original actors.

To install Age of Mythology: The Golden Gift, you must be using Microsoft Windows® 98, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. Age of Mythology must also be installed prior to installing Age of Mythology: The Golden Gift.

Note:You will need to install the latest Age of Mythology update for the campaign to work properly (available for download below). Localized versions of the mini-campaign will be completed shortly, however, you can use the English version of the mini-campaign on localized versions of the game if you like.

To install Age of Mythology: The Golden Gift

Install the latest Age of Mythology update (available below). Download the self-extracting Age of Mythology: The Golden Gift setup package. Double-click on the .exe. The installation menu will appear. Click Install, and then follow the onscreen prompts. Once in the game, The Golden Gift campaign will be listed under the Single Player Campaign drop down menu.


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