AoM-Themed Media Player (Reviewed)



This changes the boring old media player skin to a new aom themed media player skin! I made it myself so enjoy!


This new skin for windows media player is great. It is very creative, detailed and overall very easy to install and use. As it is AOM themed there are pics of the gods on it. On the skin it has AOM displayed clearly. On the O there is one of the patterns from the original media player which has a great effect. The quality of the skin made it look like there was a high amount of work put into it. Well done on this new idea inferno_char!

Reviewer: coolcronin



(taken from a html file)

AoM Files 2.0 Media Player
Thanks you for choosing the AoM Files Player, I hope you will enjoy using the new Skin for Windows Media Player. 

Please remove AoMFiles2.0.wmz from the zip file and place it in c:/Program Files/Windows Media Player/Skins folder. When you have done that, open up Media normally and select the 'Skin Chooser' option. Near the top of the list will be an option for AoMFiles2.0, double-click on it to use the AoMFiles Player.


In media player's skin chooser highlight AoMFiles2.0.wmz and click the 'X' to remove it.
Mod Name: AoM Files Media Player

Creator: Inferno_char (Inferno Clan leader/AoM Files Graphics Manager)

Visit AoMFiles: Click Here

Visit Inferno Clan: Click Here

Hi its Inferno_char here, I hope you enjoy this new media player skin and look forward to my future Maps/Mods. The first media skin I made was a practice, but this is the really deal, I hope you like this AoM themed media player.

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