Arabian Warrior Modpack



Promising new modpack by Monkish_man, an AoM M/M member. He's from the greatest modding clan, so you know this file has to rock ;).



I do not take any responsablity for anything that happens to your 
computer after you install this.
Unit Name--Arabian Warrior
Description--A 2 Varation Warrior, one mounted while the other is on foot carrying a shield on his back.
This mod contains:
New Animation file, Techtree, History, Graphics, Icon files and fun playable compatabilities.
This mod will work like a Fenris Wolf Brood, when in a group, they attack much better and with more force.  
Rename the original XpackLanguage.dll.  Just in case somehow you screw up. Then go to the 
Geting the Protox.xml: file extracted from the Data2.bar:
Download AoMED.To get the files you want to go to 'Program Files\Microsoft Game\Age of Mythology\Data' file, and click on Input Data, click on Data2.bar, now, after that, make a new file somewhere to extract the data, next you want to click on the Extract Data Into Folder button in AoMed, then go into the file you made, it should have the information for both files in the 2 top pale color boxes, now, click Read Data. After that, you want to go back into the extracted data file using the Direct File Conversion button and find Protox.XMB, NOTE: XMB, .XML won't be there yet.  Click on Protox.XMB and put it in the same spot, go to the file, and you will see ProtoX.XMB and ProtoX.XML, copy both them by high-lighting the two files then clicking CTRL C or Left Clicking on one of them and hit Copy.  You have them copied, now, go into the Data file, paste them into here by clicking CTRL V or Left Clicking and hitting Paste 

You need to also go to the protox.xml file, this will be needing editing to install the unit, how you do this is go to the 'Program Files\Microsoft Game\Age of Mythology\Data'file, find the Protox.xml file RIGHT click on it, it will say Open With- rollover that and click Notepad or Wordpad, go to the bottom, and between </Unit> and </proto> copy and paste the ProtoFile's information in there.

UNINSTALLATION--Delete the files which has the Seljuk name in front of it.  Go back into the Protox.xml file, and delete what I gave you.

Also, to be able to play online (without the mod), create a new folder, preferably on your desktop, called STORAGE, so its easy reference to get back the mods. Go into the Data file, (we've been there lots, don't forget!) and cut them out, by CTRL X, and the go into the new file you made, and hit CTRL V to paste it in.  Get them back, do just the oppisite.  Go into the Storage folder, and CTRL C, instead of X (just so if you delete the proto file) and paste it into the Data file located in Age of Mythology folder.

Comments?  Questions?  
[email protected]

~~Monkish_man made!~~
A AoM M/M Clan memeber
An Ambition Design Member

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