Archers Blood 4th defense (Reviewed)



This map is made on a single concept, destroy your neighbors' towers with a reproducing army of archers. It does just that. Let your army build and conquer its neighbors and witness, well, archer blood. Actually, this scenario does require some thought and strategy, as you decide whether or not you should wait and let your archer army build itself up, with in mind that your enemies' armies are also growing, or lead small skirmishes to stop your enemies' militant growth. All in all, this scenario lacks the depth, storyline, and eye candy that make others great, but still provides a somewhat addicting gameplay. ...waveslave610...



author: Ricky Deal
Archers blood 4th defence:
This is a better version more packed and ready to play one of my favorites.You can play 4 vs all or 2 vs 2 and you advance through ages faster in this one so u get better archer cenataurs ballistas ect....
How To Install:
All three maps can be downloaded then go to aom in microsoft games go to the scenario folder and past them in thats all.To play them on line just click game type scenario and u got your maps
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