Asgard vs. Olympus (Reviewed)

Reviewed by CoolSk8r32

Well, this map isn't extremely good, but I can definitely tell that Mike Martin put a lot...


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Reviewed by CoolSk8r32

Well, this map isn't extremely good, but I can definitely tell that Mike Martin put a lot of time and effort into making this scenario. It really shows. This scenario, unlike others, includes objectives, and I really like that element of it, because lots of times people leave out objectives, and I forget what I was supposed to do since almost all maps don't make it obvious for you. The eye candy in this scenario is pretty good. Not that great, but, again, you can see the time and effort put into this section, like the great spiraling hill topped with a shrine. I also liked the time he spent on the forest section, which I think you might need Reyk's new terrain pack to see parts of it... I like how most of your units are heroes that he named and edited their stats. This makes it fun, as I even spent a few minutes looking at the edited stats and names of the heroes made into gods with the Titans Editor Trigger: Modify Protounit. The battling in this map is its downfall. There is little battling, and when you DO fight, it is at the very end and it doesn't last long enough to appreciate it. That's why this map is so-so. Overall, I recommend it only if you are itching for more custom scenarios to play. But if you're not, then this one isn't for you. Good map, but kind of low on action, and for most of us, we're not all about strategy: we like action and battling. That's the reason some of us bought the game. Low on action, high on the rest of it. Good map, but there's work to be done on it.

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Asgard vs Olympus

For centuries the debate has raged over which culture has the stronger mythological deities,
Norse or Greek. The time for debate is over. Now the war will rage. The Norse gods are secure
behind the Bifrost bridge, the Greek gods high above the earth on Mt Olympus. Both realms are
near impenetrable fortresses. Yet both can be assaulted by land, air and sea. This war will make
Ragnarok look like a picnic.


1. This scenario was made with the Titans expansion set. Place the .scx file in the scenario

2. Thanks to the modify proto trigger, I was able to modify stats without Vanchu's object editor.
   However, as convenient as it is, proto doesn't cover everything. Most notably, you can't make
   units regenerate that don't already. I tried to compensate for this by increasing the stats of
   of some of those units. But if you don't like units that can't be healed, you will have to
   alter these units yourself using the object editor.

3. Place the music file in the sound/music/fight folder.

4. The scenario is defaulted to play as Asgard. But I tried to make the triggers as generic as
   possible so you can play either side if you want. To play Olympus, simply go into the scenario
   editor, drop down the scenario menu and go to player data. Clear the AI for Olympus and change
   player control to human. Then change Asgard control to CPU and give it an AI. Since water
   plays a role in this scenario, I like waterfixai. I've included it if you don't have it. I
   think it should go into the ai2 folder since it is a titan scenario, but I'm not positive. But
   this scenario would probably play best as a multi-player one. Just set players 1 and 2 to
   human and you can play multi. Just make sure to clear the ai.

5. The victory conditions are simple, if Odin dies, Olympus wins. If Zeus dies, Asgard wins. But
   if the computer opponent makes the leader wander, victory might be a little too easy. To make
   it harder, you can easily change the victory conditions. There is a trigger group called
   "victory" in the trigger editor. You can make it anything you want.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send me a message. My e-mail address is

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