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Reviewer: Auron_2

Creativity: the s...


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Reviewer: Auron_2

Creativity: the scenario is basictly an attempt of making an exact copy of the first scneario of the campaign "Fall of the Trident". the dialogs need more work too.

Map Design: same like you other scenario siege of troy. it needs more terrain textures, details like rugs, pots, grass, ETC. spread the buildings around a bit. is a little boring to see them alligned.

Balance: player one has way too many buildings, units, and resources. you start off with a bunch of villagers, which made it too easy to advance to classical age. not only you start with a wonder, armory, and market, but you already have enough army to almost take over players 2 base!

during the entire game, player 2 didnt do anything. next time, go to player data/AI/ and put to player 2 this AI:


this AI will make player 2 to be active, build, and attack player 1.

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Download '' (126KB)

To install: Just move this file to you aom scenario folder
Discription: This is a fun little map I made because I liked Atlantis in this game and decided to make my own you can have alot of fun in this map but you do need to kill a few bandits but I really think you should download this scenario

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