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Single-player Scenario with a little modding. ...


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Single-player Scenario with a little modding. Reviewer: Ashatay Date: 05/22/03 Map: ‘Avalon’ ID: 12295 Overall rating: 47%

Breakdown: Creativity: 2/10 Challenge: 1/10 Map usage: 7/10 Enemy buildup: 10/10 Player buildup: 10/10 Resource Placement: 8/10 Amusement: 5/10 Interest Level: 5/10 Messages: 0/10 Objectives: 0/10

Comments: There isn’t much to say about this map. It looks like the creator generated it via the map editor and then added a few perks. Those perks are the only reason why it got even that little 2 for creativity. The only challenge is that you’re limited to 120 population once you max your houses because the only settlements are your town center and the enemy’s. There are some neat neutral units, which managed to achieve that 1 in challenge and 7 in map usage. I like how it goes from day to night. I managed to win with just 5 helepolis. There are no objectives, no messages. I wouldn’t suggest downloading this map; just generate one with your game. The most amusement I got was from watching the Pegasus fly over cliffs.

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Download 'avalon_sp.zip' (433KB)

Liberation of Avalon by XXX81

Scenario Mod

First attempt at AOM Modding, default AI and typical victory conditions
Let me know what you think XXX81@aol.com

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