Ballte For Pelennor Fields Reviewed

A single Player Scenario that Recreates the Battle For Pelennor Fields.

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A single Player Scenario that Recreates the Battle For Pelennor Fields.

Review This is a very non-user friendly scenario. You have to do almost everything yourself. What I mean by this is that there are NO cinematics, NO displayed objectives, NO army moves, and NO renaming of you have to take a guess at who is who....I spent very little time playing this game becasue of its easy setup. It is also very unrealistic to the movie and book. The first thing that the little chat tells you to do is retake Osgiliath..which doesn't happen in the real thing. The rest is pretty straight forward.

The feeling that I get after playing this map is that creator just made a VERY basic map(no trees, water, or other eye candy) and expected everyone to think that it was a good recreation of the Battle of The Pelanor Fields. For a first is not horrrible. But if the creator wants to release trulely well done maps..he is going to have to do better. I don't reccomend this to downloaders.


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- The Battle On Palennor Fields -


This is my first real scenario, using all kinds of triggers. I hope you like it, if you don't, I appriciate any suggestions. Goes without saying, it is based on the siege of Minas Tirith, from Lord Of The Rings: Return of the king.

Some Notes:

* Make sure you use all 30 horses on the top level on the attack of Osgiliath (Most left + Faramir/Achilles + the 8 horses right), otherwise the main trigger won't be triggered. Also, sometimes the horses get stuck between the archers. I've tried to make the way as open as possible, but it still isn't perfect. :)

* Make sure you arrange your archers BEFORE you send the cavalry-army to Osgiliath, once they are defeated, the main attack will commence. You won't have enough time to arrange your archers once the armies of Mordor are on your doorstep ;) . Also, don't forget to put your archers to stand ground/defensive mode, otherwise they will be running outside the gates, without purpose..

* Victory is achieved when the hill fort in Osgiliath is destroyed.


Standard installation procedure, put the .scx file into your ageofmythology\scenarios\ folder, and put the sound files into the ageofmythology\sounds\ folder. Hereafter, start the game and go to single player => Load Scenario, and choose BattleOnPalennor.

Overall information: 

Name: 			Battle On Palennor
Design & Production: 	MD
Any notes, comments, tips? Please, feel free to mail to [email protected] , but please, clearly state the the subject in the subject line!

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