Battle for The Palace



Player 1 you must survive from 35 minutes. From the invaders. You have a near by city to gather resources. The problem is you have limited resources so you are not aloud to build any military buildings at all. The only military buildings are at your town. You must protect them and bring your troops across a small forest into the mountians. Remeber you have many fortifications in the cliffs. Use them wisely.

Player 2 you cannot rush for the first three minutes because of limited resources. Once you settle down you arte able to build any building any where. You already have two armies postioned in your bases. Use them wisely. But resources isint a problem for you, neither is population get villagers working fast build camps and claim that mountian for yourself! But you could also attack there city and cut of there supply of renforcements.

There is river separiting your two bases. You could wall it up....

Be sure to look around for secrets like caves stockpiled with gold.

Features: |- Opening Cinimatic |- Closing cinimatic if player 2 wins |- Eyecandy |- Story |- Most triggers ever used in a Canadian Clan map


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