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Review Here :D:D:D Okif this map is only meant to recreate the battlefield....and...


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Review Here :D:D:D Okif this map is only meant to recreate the battlefield....and nothing else....then it is pretty well done. But I personally enjoy maps that have a good story and aren't just shallow recreations of events. THis map also lacks greatly in eye candy and triggers.

I must admit that I expected moe from this map when I was hearing about it on the forums. What happened to all the "We need voices for some of the triggers that we have," and all the other threads talking about how create the triggers and cinematics that it would have. I also DO understand that this is a beta version, but if the createors expect it to be anything like was expected by the general publicthey have a lot of work to do. I do not reccomend this mpa for downlaod.


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Battle of Troy: Readme

Info: Play as either the Greeks of Trojans, attacking or defending the legendary city. I have included many (probable) historical details, including the (obviously) Trojan Horse. You can set the difficulty to any level. It can be very hard, or very easy depending.

Installation: Extract Battle of Troy.scn to your AOM scenarios folder. 

Playing it: Open up AOM. Click on SP in the main menu. Click on load scenario, and Battle of Troy should be there. You can also open it in the editor.

I know this stuff is kind of obvious, but I had no idea what I was doing the first time I tried to download a mod.

By TheMadJew74
AIM: TheMadJew74
E-mail: [email protected]

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