Black Forest

Multiplayer Scenario of a Black Forest.


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Multiplayer Scenario of a Black Forest.

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*Black Forest Mulitiplayer Scenario*
*       by TheCowWarrior           *
*    [email protected]       *

To Install:
Extract Black Forest Multiplayer.scn to your Age Of Mythology/Scenario folder

To Play:
This is a 4 player map, with resources divided equally.  I thought the game got off to a  bit of
a slow start, so I added some farms, 3 houses, a healing spring, 
and two trade carts for everyone.  The map is basely loosely on the Black Forest map from the great 
Age of Empires II.  Player 1 should be Zeus, 2 should be Isis, 3 should be Odin, and 4 should be 
Poseidon.  I guess it doesn't really matter, but the statues and major god temples I set up wouldn't 
look right if the players weren't set like that.  Players 1 and 2 are human controlled and should be 
allies, and players 3 and 4 are CPU and also should be allied.

This is my first attempt at a real map, I've play tested it and I didn't see anything wrong.
It's a simple map for standard play, there aren't any triggers.  It is styled for a well defended,
but faster paced game than usual.  I know the forest isn't exactly too black, but hey, so what.  I 
also made a single player version of this map.

E-mail me with any thoughts/suggestions


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