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Singleplayer Scenario of a Black Forest. ...


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Singleplayer Scenario of a Black Forest. Reviewer: Ashatay Date: 05/30/03 Map: ‘Black Forest’ ID: 12793 Overall rating: 98%

Breakdown: Creativity: 10/10 Challenge: 8/10 Map usage: 10/10 Enemy buildup: 10/10 Player buildup: 10/10 Resource Placement: 10/10 Amusement: 10/10 Interest Level: 10/10 Messages: 10/10 Objectives: 10/10

Comments: I know, I know. There aren’t any messages or objectives. This map just doesn’t need them. This is a must have, must play, must win!

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*Black Forest Single Player Scenario*
*        by TheCowWarrior           *
*       *

To Install:
Extract Black Forest Single Player.scn to your Age Of Mythology/Scenario folder

To Play:
Simply play the game as usual, conquest wins.  I started each player with a healing spring, several
farms, 3 houses, and a market with two trade carts.  I felt the game starts too slowly, but this map
will play a lot faster.

Additional Comments:
This is my first attempt at a real map, I've play tested it and I didn't see anything wrong.
It's a simple map for standard play, there aren't any triggers.  It is styled for a well defended,
but faster paced game than usual.  I know the forest isn't exactly too black, but hey, so what.  I 
also made a multiplayer version of this map.

E-mail me with any thoughts/suggestions


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