Black Forest Summer (Reviewed)

Review This is a very well done random map. As long as you install...


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Review This is a very well done random map. As long as you install the files into your system sorrectly than the map should appear inyour random maps menu.

This is one of the first random maps that I have seen on AoM Files that really makes use of the trigger function that is set out by the scenario editor featured in AoM. Most all scenarios contain triggers, but this is because they are recreating events while a random map is just that. Random. Anything can happen depending on what the players do. The creator uses a few of these triggers. For example, every so often the lighting turns from day to night. There are many other triggers that the creator makes good use of.

The map is also made very well terrain-wise. There is some candy, but not too much. Though in a random map too much eye candy would be overwhelming. The placement of trees and rivers is very appealing and fun to play on. Good job krad7. I definately recommend this map for download.


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