Brothers of Gondor: Faramir and Boromir Reviewed



This modpack adds two units to your editor: Boromir and Faramir.

They were designed indirectly for the LotR campaign by the Age of Mythology Modder / Mapper Clan and also for Woad Creations.

Both of the units are very expertly made, with photo-cloned textures and flawless sounds and animations.

Woah. These units are awsome. The extra work that Waveslave put into the cloned textures is very noticable in the fact that the units look like their real-life counterparts. He also edited the textures for the unit's sheild, sword and bow. This enhances the overal look of the characters as well as make them look closer to the characters in the movies/books.

The install is not very difficult, which is good for people who are not very expirienced in installing mods. The readme is complete, and includes all of the neccesary information.

Well done Waveslave, and I look forward to more of your work. I do reccomend this file to downloaders.




Email: [email protected]
AIM: xwaveslave610x
AIM: rickywam
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What is This?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Boromir and Faramir, Brothers of Gondor, for Age of Mythology: The Titans


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Proto Installation~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

**Important! If you have AoM: The Titans, you have to use Protox.xml. If you have AoM, use Proto.xml!**

1. To Install the Proto(x)-

2. Open up your proto.xml/protox.xml. If you don't have one, then you have to...

_____1. Open up AoMED (Available at AoMFiles or AoMH)
_____2. Click "Set Input Data File"
_____3. Find data.bar(AoM) or data2.bar(Titans) at Age of Mythology/Data
_____4. Click "Read Data File"
_____5. A green, matrix-y window will open. Let it write the files. 
_____6. Re-open AoMED. Click "Direct File Conversion".
_____7. Find the folder where the files were extracted, which is AoM/Data if you didn't specify a different folder. Click 
_____ either Proto.xmb(AoM) or Protox.xmb(Titans). 
_____8. Click Ok. Now Proto.xml(AoM) or Protox.xml(Titans) will now be at AoM/Data if that was your specified folder.

3. Now that you have Proto/Protox, open it up with a typing program, preferrably Notepad. 
4. Go to the very bottom of Proto.xml/Protox.xml, and make a space between </action> and </unit>, like -

5. Copy and Paste the Boromir and Faramir Proto information into the new space. Make sure it ends up like-
			<param name="Persistent"></param>
</proto>                               ...and---

        <unit id="" name="Boromir">

6. Also make sure that the unit id is one more higher than the unit's before. For Example, if -
        <unit id="800" name="Bella">
Than make Boromir-
        <unit id="801" name="Boromir">

7. Save the Proto.xml/protox.xml and, using AoMED, convert it to proto.xmb or protox.xmb and place it in the AoM/Data folder.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Other Installations~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1. Copy the B-F Protos info from BoG/Proto(x) Data into the Proto(x) using the steps above.

2. Copy everything from the BoG/DDT Files/Icons folder to the AoM/Icons Folder.

3. Copy everything from the BoG/History to AoM/History/Units if you have AoM, or AoM/History2/Units if you have AoM: TT.

3. Copy everything from the BoG/Anim to AoM/Anim.

4. Copy everything from BoG/DDT Files, except for the files in the Icons folder, to AoM/Textures. 

4. Copy everything EXCEPT SOUNDSET INFO from BoG/Sounds to AoM/Sound

To Install the new sounds into your Soundset, first-

1. Extract either Soundsets.xmb from Sound.bar(AoM) or Soundsets-xpack.xmb from Sound2.bar (AoM: TT) by either the AoMEd way, same as extracting the Proto(x), or using Vachu's Bar Explorer.
2. Convert your XMB file to XML.
3. Open either Soundsets.xml or Soundsets-xpack.xml and add the information from "Soundset info" into the end, making sure everything looks the same as it was before.
4. Place the XML file in your AoM/Sound folder.

Thanks to:

Woad Creations, for accepting me into the awesome team.

King Jared and Esus, for advice on Faramir.


>>Please, if you are going to use this in a scenario or anything, please notify me. If you don't, I won't care that much, but don't
say you are the creator of this mod. 

>>Find any problems or bugs I didn't catch, or do you need to ask a question? Or do you just want to give me a comment? 
Contact me at Rickywam, or AIM: xwaveslave610x


More Proto(x) info, in case you didn't understand the steps above. Taken from "The In-Depth Guide to the Proto(x), by Waveslave.

I will refer to the Proto and Protox files as Proto(x). This is because if you are using AoM (Vanilla, No Expansion), you will deal with the Proto file. If you are using AoM: TT (Expansion), you will deal with the Protox file. So, when I say Proto(x), you use the file, Proto or Protox, that applies to you. The two are basically the same, except Protox contains more unit information since it is the expansion version.

Proto(x) comes in two forms, XML and XMB. XML form is editable and is the form you use when adding information. XMB is the form that goes in the AoM/Data folder, and is read by the program.

Always back up files that you edit. You never know when you may make a mistake, and screw up the game.

Contrary to some belief, you can have more than one new unit in your game.

What Exactly is a Proto(x)?

Proto(x) is the file that tells Age of Mythology the info on all the units in the game. It tells the program what the name, stats, and info about a unit, therefore the place to install new units.
Finding Your Proto(x)- in Detail

To find your Proto(x), you need the program AoMed, available here.

The first step in finding your Proto(x) is to install AoMed, and get used to the features. Also, find your AoM path, usually C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Mythology.

Open up AoMed. Press "Set Input Data File".

At the window, go to your AoM/Data folder, usually C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Mythology/Data. Depending on if you have AoM or AoM: TT, click data.bar if you have AoM, or data2.bar if you have AoM: TT. Press "Open".

You will return to the AoMed screen. Now, press "Read Data File". A green window will pop-up, with scrolling text. Let it finish. 

Now, look in your AoM/Data folder. Several new files have been added to the folder, except they aren't new. They have been encoded into the data(2).bar file, and now they are extracted to mess around with. 

Converting the Proto(x)

Press "Direct File Conversion".

Find your AoM/Data folder. Press the newly-extracted Proto(x).XMB file.

A window pops up asking you where you want to save the newly created Proto(x).XML file. You can put it anywhere, but for now let's put it in the AoM/Data folder still.

Congratulations! You now have the Proto.XML file, which is used to add or edit unit information.

Editing the Proto(x).XML
Adding New Units

First, open up Proto.XML with Notepad, or any other basic text program.

Scroll down to the bottom of the document. Be careful not to touch any of the text on the way down.

Paste in your unit information between </action> and </unit> at the end of the file.

Fix any errors, extra words, or incorrect spacing that might have occurred during pasting, and the end of the file and the beginning of your new unit text is correctly spaced. Use the other units as reference.

Change the Unit ID, located here ie: <unit id="810" name="Heavy Archer">, to one more than the unit id above it. So if the unit above "Heavy Archer" had a unit id of 809, then Heavy Archer would be 810.

Other Possible Edits

Converting Back

Press "Direct File Conversion".

Choose the Proto(x).XML, which you just edited. 

Save the newly-converted Proto(x).XMB in the AoM/Data folder. This will take a few minutes, just be patient. 

If successful, you have just edited your Proto(x) file, and check it out in the editor to see if everything worked.

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