Centaurs of Erebus (Reviewed)

Reviewed by CoolSk8r32

This scenario starts out with a cinematic, and some musicless dialog comes, between a centaur and c...


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Reviewed by CoolSk8r32

This scenario starts out with a cinematic, and some musicless dialog comes, between a centaur and chiron (with a small band of other centaurs). They say that Arkantos is trapped in a prison to the North and we must rescue him.

I thought about now that this was slightly more creative than the traditional 'Bandits are attacking' plot. Creativity points there, heh. Now I notice that Arkantos in the prison is on your team, and fully controllable! He also has two villagers with him in the poorly designed prison (???). There are a few guards, but you just bolt one of them, or (if you have titans) bolt all of them with some of the four bolts that are given to you! Arkantos escapes completely on his own and you meet up with the centaurs and Chiron. At this time you are advised to build a settlement to the North, so you take your villagers and army and go up to the settlement. By now I've noticed that the scenario creator didn't bother to give you any resources to build the settlement! I cheated one-thousand of each resource and started building a base. Basically you wait for the villager to finish the settlement, then you begin a low-resource one-villager starting game. I was not about to build fifty units like the objectives said, as with one villager and very little resources that would take forever and is NOT what a scenario player wants to do. Minus a LOT of FunFactor points here.

Now, I'm pretty pissed off and go to the 'Abyss', which is in the center of the map. I see a dialog saying 'Zeus has blessed us!'. I have reached the abyss now, and nothing has happened except I see a dead guardian standing by a Trojan Gate between two cliffs. I thought to myself: 'This is the abyss??? And the scenario creator advised me to build an army of fifty first?!?! I beat down a few anubites and einherjars, and then the scenario is over. I regreat having played this. As usual, the creator of this put so little effort into this scenario... You really don't need the reinforcements of centaurs he gives you! There is so little judgement in this scenario it seems that the creator didn't test it. I do not recommend it.

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Download 'centuars_of_erebus_sp.zip' (64KB)

Centaurs of Erebus

By Brendan McFall

This is a scenario set in the underworld where Chiron and his Centuars are trying to break their way over the "Abyss" a massive, bottomless hole with few passages over.Gargarensis has fortified these so you must build up and destroy them.You will get periodic reinforcements of Centuars from the surface.They are unavailable to build in this scenario,so this is the only way you can get them.


1. simply put the .scn file into your scenario folder, and launch it from the game menu.

This is my first scenario,but i hope that everyone likes it and expect more in the future.

any queries or questions, email me at:


Have Fun!

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