Center Ring

Check this nice 4 player multiplayer map out :)


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Check this nice 4 player multiplayer map out :)

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Center Ring;

-This map is a 4 player multiplayer map
-If you also play battle realms this may be a familiar map for you..I just
 don't like to miss out a good map on a good game like this...
-All sides with equal resources
-You can enganged on a naval battle on one side and land grabbing on the other.
-Due to the lay of the land you can build a good defence,
 but don't be so cocky yet cause you can expect the same from your opponents!!!
-Works well with defaultai & waterfixai
-Theres a bonus in the center, a plenty vault, 
 the thing is you don't have to kill what guards it but only acquire it.
-How ever if your daring enough, the way we play it here is we lure the guardian or nidhog
 to your enemy which will surely give a lot of headache to your oponents, at times a sudden death...
 But that was the fun part.......

-just place the center_ring.scn into scenario folder

****enjoy the map 

email me for possible bugs or comments so I can fix it...

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