Crest Mudlands (Reviewed)

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Review is coming... I think :D Reviewer: Ashatay Date: 05/22/03 Map: ‘Crest Mudlands’ ID: 13309 Overall rating: 52%

Breakdown: Creativity: 10/10 Challenge: 0/10 Map usage: 5/10 Enemy buildup: 9/10 Player buildup: 9/10 Resource Placement: 10/10 (NA) Amusement: 4/10 Interest Level: 5/10 Messages: 0/10 Objectives: 0/10

Comments: This is a great idea. It’s a map full of cliffs that form a maze you must navigate and find and destroy all enemy units. For the most part they are Norse giants. This would be great except it’s too easy. All you have to do is send your medusas out to turn them all to stone. Good idea, but it needs expansion.

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You must cross the Crest Mudlands.

This is my second scenario for my campaign.

You have a fixed force and the area is scattered with enemies...make it to the other side.


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