Crimson Isles

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Review Pending :D Review Pending :D

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Crimson Isles- readme.txt

I. Installation

  Pretty simple, I think. Unzip this entire thing to c:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\ (or whatever your AOM directory is)

II. Description

  This is my first Random Map script. I took a lot of the code that did not need change from the Archipelago RMS, so you can kinda tell. I changed almost everything, though.

  This map is about quick descisions and knowing which island to advance to. All of the islands have wood and food, no gold however :) keep those battles short! The Egyptians are on the shortest end of this, naturally, so you may find yourself spending a lot of time in the market. There are tons of islands, especially in games with lots of people. Unfortunately, this comes with two problems:

a) The map has to be large. This adds to the next problem,
b) The load time can be long 

  Overall, the map focuses on short, quick and dirty battles, and also falls heavily on the Market, (winks) use that market! I haven't really tested the AI too well, hope they don't go berserk. Probably will with the lack of gold.

III. About Me


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