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Reviewer: Ashatay Date: 05/22/03 Map:...


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Reviewer: Ashatay Date: 05/22/03 Map: ‘Death Gate’ ID: 13301 Overall rating: 59%

Breakdown: Creativity: 6/10 Challenge: 7/10 Map usage: 10/10 Enemy buildup: 5/10 Player buildup: 8/10 Resource Placement: 10/10 Amusement: 6/10 Interest Level: 7/10 Messages: 0/10 Objectives: 0/10

Comments: Well, the percentage comes out to 59%, but I must say, I think it deserves better in many aspects. The areas that hurt it were; A) I lost interest after so long, B) It became a ‘I have to win’ instead of a ‘I want to win’, C) There were no messages, D) There were no objectives, and E) The end was FAR too easy. On a good note, the map was GREAT, absolutely a great job. The map actually goes from night to day which isn’t very common. I think the creator spent a little too much time focusing on the map and not thinking whether or not the person will enjoy all the hard effort.

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This is a single player map that I created to learn how to use the editor in AOM. I used only the names from sources of books from Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. My goal is to create a campaign that is based off of the Dragonlance Chronicles. There is a lot of SFX in the map and it can be quite challenging on harder levels. I chose to leave the diplomacy settings alone on this map because all the armies would have fought one another anyway. Enjoy

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