Defend Your Town 6.1 - Islands

them. So here, for your eyes, is a new version: Defend Your Town 6 - Islands.The first major change is that, instead of playing on a flat cl...


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them. So here, for your eyes, is a new version: Defend Your Town 6 - Islands.The first major change is that, instead of playing on a flat cliff, the defending team starts on a group of four islands. All players have five minutes to prepare. At the end of the granted mercy period, the attacker will spawn from the middle island.screenshot1r.jpgHe will try to dislodge (and will eventually) your naval supremacy that you created in the five minute period. After destroying your docks (if the attacker wisely chooses), a more familiar style of play resumes.During the period of a battle for control of the seas, you have hopefully been walling in the canyon road to your town. As in the other versions, the attacker, with his economic advantage, will try to destroy your town.screenshot3dy.jpgAt five minutes remaining, the attacker is given god powers, extra resources, and upgraded units to try and finish off the defenders. Good luck!I have a pet peeve: there have been many alterations of the same map for the only purpose of "no defender god powers" or "no gastraphetes." I created a system where the host may either boot any of the other three defenders, assist a weak attacker, assist a team of weak defenders, remove defender god powers, or remove "gamey" units from the attacker's arsenal, all by deleting the selected shade at the top of the map.screenshot2tc.jpgI have also tried to eliminate "low blows." If a defender uses Gaia's forest to try and wall himself in, the attacker is granted forest fire. If a defender chooses Hermes as a classical age god, ceasefire is replaced with restoration (imagine all four defenders choosing Hermes, and using ceasefire in sequence at the end of the map.)screenshot5d.jpgIf anything, this is the prettiest defend your town to date. There's an opening cinematic and the lighting even changes ;o! A special thanks to OreoTheSlayer, HoRH_Scout, alexis85, and minotauro for help beta testing.I don't mind if you edit, distribute, reverse engineer, or whatever my map. Just give me proper credit.Have fun and enjoy!UPDATED 6.1CHANGES:Attacker has god powers.Attacker's Shifting Sands, Underworld Passage, and Vortex replaced with other god powers.Attacker has five docks instead of four.Attacker has access to siege ships (although very expensive with an added 50 favor cost.)Added a "Christmas" Option for the giggles.Host's Control Panel Shades replaced with statues to avoid terrible vortex mistakes.Attacker is now correctly granted god powers from a defender's use of Gaia's forest, Assist Attacker Option, and Extreme Difficulty mode.Fixed cliff bug where player 3 could access trees.Added an option to disable all attacker god powers.Added a quick help guide in the objectives banner.

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