The only multiplayer B&D where you get to play like a god.


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The only multiplayer B&D where you get to play like a god.

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Deity for Age of Mythology
By SR2Leader

Put Deity.scn in  "...\Age of Mythology\scenario".

This scenario is meant to be played online but still works on single player.
In order to play online host a game.  In the game type drop-down menu select scenario.
A dialog box will appear asking you to select a scenario.  Select 'Deity'.

This scenario is very simmilar to the random map Oasis.

Player 1 is the Deity.  The Deity has the following powers:
  Infinite Resources
  Ability to change alliances even without unlocked teams.
  Access to almost every god power.
  Can spawn most myth units and give them to players as well.
  Starts out with omniscience already researched.

The other players will play the game like a regular supremacy game.

For more information look in the objectives screen during play.

Unofficial "TERMS OF USE":
 1) You may play and host this map as much as you like.
 2) If you want to edit this scenario leave the credits that are in place alone, but make
     sure to add your own name somewhere else.  Also rename the file when you save it, but keep deity in the title.
     good examples:
        Deity_(Your name)

     bad examples:
         DEE A TEA

   Sometimes the game will go out of sync.  This is often triggered by using too many god powers.
   If it goes out of sync ~12 seconds into the game there is something wrong with your computer or it's connection.

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