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Review :D This is a very basic map and seems like a first map for someone (no offe...


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Review :D This is a very basic map and seems like a first map for someone (no offense to the creator if he isn't a first-time map maker). It follows the story of Ajax as he quests to destroy the "Master's" lighthouse. He has to capture a city and build an army befroe getting a transport ship and saliing to the light house. This map WOULD be difficult if it were not for the fact that upon arrival at the your city you recieve two gaurdians

After you sail accross the river you simply have to destroy the master(living posiedon), and posiedon lightning statue, and destroy the twp lighthouses. This map lacks in eye candy and developed triggers. The only triggers that were used were the "Chat Message" and the "Unit Change Owner". Even though the creator makes good use of these, they are just not complex enough triggers to really add to the scenario. The terrian on the map is mostly grass and trees that help to establish the paths that Ajax and his army must follow. I don't reccomend this map for download.


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Download '' (84KB)

Instructions- Just unzip into the scenario folder! (Easy ain't it!)

When you kill the Poseidon statue, your guardians die!

AOM MANIAC! [email protected]

If its impossible SORRY its my first scenario!

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