Discanimero the Wizard

Reviewer: Dozza

This is a great new unit! I am looking foreword to the campaign that will be released, and i do hope that all the other u...


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Reviewer: Dozza

This is a great new unit! I am looking foreword to the campaign that will be released, and i do hope that all the other units are of such high quality. His character seems interesting and the texture on his cloak is brilliant.

Let me guess, you used a huskarl for the template, right? Now, not many people would think of that, but it works well! For wizards people would have used the preist, whihc i don't think fits the popular wizard in tales. Good work, i might say this is you most succesful, up to yet.

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Ricky Irwin
[email protected]

					Discanimero the Wizard Texture Mod

	>>> Here is a sample unit of my upcoming campaign, Reign of Darkness, where a young boy's
	town is destroyed by evil creatures ruling the world at the time, and he is forced to 
	journey with his three other friends to the heart of the evil itself. The storyline is 
	not as developed yet, but it is basically the plot. This unit, the wizard Discanimero, 
        helps young Arcel in his training to be a knight. So look for this unit with others in
	Reign of Darkness coming soon.
	New Unit Installation
	>>>Installation Part One
	1. Place the three ddt files in the Age of Mythology/Textures folder.
	2. Place the two sound files (xmb and xml) in the Age of Mythology/Sound folder.
	3. Place the Discanimero_anim file in the Age of Mythology/Anim folder.
	>>>Installation Part Two
	4. Convert your Proto.xmb document in the Age of Mythology/Data folder to XML using AOMed.
	5. Open the Proto.xml document with Internet Explorer or Notepad.
	6. Copy and Paste the Proto File to the end of the Proto.xml.
	7. Make sure everything is accurately spaced and postioned in the XML, making sure it
           ends with-                   </action>
	  and that the beginning of the Discanimero text in the Proto.xml starts like-
                                   <param name=&quot;AttackAction&quot;></param>
	           <unit id=&quot;623&quot; name=&quot;Discanimero&quot;>
	8. Save as Proto.xml and, using AOMed, convert the XML document to XMB, and place it in
	   the Age of Mythology/Data folder.
	>>>>Easy Installation!
	1.Place all ddt's in the AOM/Textures folder.
	2. Use Object or Text editor to edit the unit.

	Congratulations! You installed it. To uninstall, simply delete everything, and erase 
	moddified parts in the Proto.XMB. 

	Thanks to: Coolsk8er32, for new unit help, and King Jared, for Anim help :)

	>>>Questions, Comments, Complaints? Email me at [email protected]

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