Doom Lords RPG

Join the epic quest against the mighty Doom Lord in this breathtaking RPG game


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Join the epic quest against the mighty Doom Lord in this breathtaking RPG game

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Doom Lords RPG is a RPG game for 6 players and 3 comps. After watching your hometown getting destroyed my the power of the Doom Lord, the six characters of this game are on their way to make the Doom Lord pay for destroying your homes.

This game has some nice features:

Each player plays a different unique character, the knight, the archer, the wizard, the barbarian, the paladin and the amazon, which are all different and receive level ups on their own unique way. 

The map is far more detailed than other multiplayer RPG's i have seen. You wont see large fields of plain Grass_A or Sand_A. All the terrains are mixed to give it a better effect.

The game has a good storyline. Not just a brief instruction at the start. You have to follow the quests given to you from the NonPlayable Characters in the game. I used minutes full of cinematics throughout the game with nice effects and camera movements.

Other features:
- Choose from 3 different difficulty levels from the start.
- Original Boss fights were the bosses use godpowers, summon helpers, or use other tricks to make your life a living hell.
- Buy upgrades, godpowers, soldiers and beasts to help you in the shop of Thulgrand.
- 21 different character levels for each player. After level 15, you get titles instead of level numbers)

Game Setup:

Player 1 to 6 are all team 1, the civilisation of player 1 to 6 doesn't matter.
Player 7 is a comp, which must be set to team 1 as well. Player 7 should have a Norse civilisation. (The game works perfect on other civilisations, but the buildings look best if they are Norse)
Player 8 and 9 (comps) are both team 2. The buildings of player 8 look best if Greek, but the game works perfect on all civs.

I would VERY MUCH like to see any comments or suggestions about this game, and if you spot a trigger error (I am only human) feel free to mention it as well, I will take a look at it.

I hope you enjoy this game, Good Luck, Have Fun


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