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Reviewer: Koyoko (Guest Reviewer)

This map is basically a seek and destory team work game player 1 and 2 search for player 2's units and destory them - team work is the main goal - player 3 must run and hide "main goal"

Personally I found this kind of boring.

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Download 'dwarf_run_around_mp.zip' (78KB)

Funny little scenario where players 1 and 2 have to chase after player 3 who has several dwarfs.S
Strategys form when players decide to take advantage of 'Spy' and 'Lightning Bolt'.
Great run and quick to download. Feel free to change the triggers and edit player 3's resources triggers.
Note:If you are playing player three then a good startegy is to upgrade a few dwarfs to Usarks with higher health and faster speed.

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