Dwarves Vs. Giants (Reviewed)

Drive the giants out of a dwarf mining district!



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Drive the giants out of a dwarf mining district!

Reviewer: Ashatay Date: 05/22/03 Map: ‘Dwarves Vs. Giants’ ID: 13315 Overall rating: 90%

Breakdown: Creativity: 10/10 Challenge: 10/10 Map usage: 10/10 Enemy buildup: 10/10 Player buildup: 5/10 Resource Placement: 5/10 Amusement: 10/10 Interest Level: 10/10 Messages: 10/10 Objectives: 10/10

Comments: This map is one of the best I have ever seen! You have to meet certain requirements and then build an army and destroy the enemy. The problem is you have a low population limit and you have to transport your units across water to attack. I don’t want to give away any more, but boy is it a challenge just to stay alive let alone win!

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Download 'dwarves_versus_giants_v1.2_sp.zip' (140KB)

Thank you for choosing 'Dwarves versus Giants'! (Version 1.2)

Email: michaelrichardson@totalmail.com


Simply place the file 'Dwarves versus Giants.scn' in your AOM scenario folder (typically C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\scenario). Then, load up AOM, go to the campaign menu, select 'Load Scenario' on the drop-down menu in the top left and scroll down to find 'Dwarves versus Giants'.


A long while ago, the dwarves won a great victory over the giants for a key gold mining district. Previously, it had been teething with mines, but now the gold has all but disappeared. But this does not stop the giants attempting to reclaim what was theirs...

You are tasked with driving the giants out of the surrounding area - for good!


-From the beginning there is a boulder wall blocking the path to the giants. They have placed it there in hope that their dwarf foes will never be able to break through. However, once you have enlisted the help of the local Norse clan you will be able to use rams to break down the boulders.

-Be sure to have sizeable forces at all times, and to explore the map.

-You will have time in this scenario to build up before your first move. The giants never were very good strategists.


-The gate at the Norse clan's base has been causing a lot of problems (usually units refuse to go through it if their target point is too far away). Sadly, this is a bug in the game and nothing can be done about it.

-Dwarves have been known to randomly switch to a horizontal orientation while walking. Don't even ask about that one.


-Added some cliffs in between the Norse clan's base and the giants - some players complained that you could cut through them and pay our oversized friends a surprise visit.

-Less giants are trained towards the end. I now accept that it was previously impossible (unless you're me and have played it too many times).

-Norse clan's base has been updated to look more lived in.


-Local clan now have fisheries.

-Map larger, added eye candy.


Design: Michael Richardson
Triggers: Michael Richardson
Testplaying: Stefan Bratt

Thanks must also go to Ensemble Studios for making a truly excellent game!


The file 'Dwarves versus Giants.scn' and its contents are Copyright Michael Richardson 2003. All rights reserved. This includes the triggers, story AND the design of the map. If you find any bugs in this scenario (ensure that it's not a bug that is simply to do with the actual game), email me at michaelrichardson@totalmail.com with a description of the problem. I will then fix it and release a new version of the file.

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