Ekanta's User Interface UI ESanta



This is an improved user interface, the UI is what you see on your screen (resources count, control groups, mini map etc) when you're playing a game.



Ekanta's User Interface UI ESanta 2005-02-07 version. 

For more versions or screenshots visit: 

Works with both vanilla and titans. No online errors. 

What is included? 
1.  You can minimize or maximize the ui without loosing any info (use the arrow button at low right). Statspanel, 
    myth rechargebar and age up snake at top will still be there. 
2.  5 idle banners with counters at top, se info below. 
3.  relocalized smalller Titan gate besides good powers. 
4.  Small house and farm counter at top left (which also serves as buttons with more functions, se below). 
5.  Possibility to toggle between armybanners and building/unit panel. YOu can here see nr of buildings of most 
    kinds. And also nr of cathegorized military units (only idles can be shown). The panel will be culture specific
    if you used your button over the idle banner correctly. If you click the icon it will find the building or unit
    in the picture. 
6.  Special button at top right for screenshot and to read your objectives. 
7.  Special button at top right to change lightning settings ingame. 
8.  Special button at top rigth to change zoom and pitch anytime. There is also an option to zoom in further. 
    You can here also change to hide ui during screenshot, hide outlines and who camera position on minimap. 
9.  Villager counter in the recourcebar so you can see nr of gatherers of the different resouces. If you set your
    culture right with the buttons over the idle banner correctly it will also show nr favor gatherers culture
    specific, see explanation below. 
10. A market in the interface over resourcebar. You can here buy and sell resouces, but it will only work if you 
    actually have a real market yourself. You can also view the market values all the time. 
11. A few extra buttons at the minimap: 
	11.a) camera button: resets normal zoom, pitch and rotation to the map. 
	11.b) minimap button: to show the strategic map on/off. 
	11.c) 'E'-button: configurates 'easydrag military option on/off'
	11.d) 'H'-button: configurates 'Flash hitpoints on damage option on/off' (damaged units will show hitpointsbar)
	11.e) 'F'-button: configurates 'Friend of foe option on/off'
	11.f) 'f'-button: configurates 'show footprints option on/off'
	11.g) 'R'-button: configurates 'if you can rotate the map on/off'
	11.h) 'arrow-button: toggles between minimized and maximized interface. USE THIS instead of 
        'control-arrow up/down'. (I made it this way so you should not lose any info when minimizing). 
12. A small arrow button besides the pause button in recorded games contol so you can access bookmarks function
    in recorded games even in aot. 
13. The 5th idle counter also have the function to toggle between aom and aot settings (it will toggle the
    easydrag military button and strategic map button on/off, since these only work with aot not aom). 
14. This UI will work for both aom (vanilla, aom-original) and aot (the titans), se explanation below. 
15  New and enhanced ingame meny system to easier access and more functions. 
16. I added red text in some ingame menues instead of black for aot or golden for aom, this way it will be clearly 
    visible both when playing aom or aot. 
17. Possibility to turn on/off blackmap and/or fog in singleplayer. 
18  Possiblity to use the startup script, configurate it or delete it. The startup script finds towncenter and
    builds your first villager, in titans it will thereafter also turn on the autoqueue. It will tjereafterfind in 
    due order: 
    hyena of set, pharaoh and scout. Its possible to set a nr to all these 4 things so these will be given that
    nr at the start of the game, se below for explanation. 
19. Possibility to see build times for buildings, train times for units and line of sight when playing. 
20. Ability to set cut and show during game. 
21. New unit stats or command panel visible where player name used to be etc. This fits well if you minimize. 
22. Possibility to see exact ingame gather rates any time in the game. 
23. You can now see crush damage besides attack/armor and crush armor besides hack armor in unitstatpanel. 
24. Ranged units will display min and max range in statspanel. 

And more I might have forgotten to mention. 


Uimain and uistrategicmap files go into (your installation directory)
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\Data

The .ddt  'ICON FILES' (files in icon folder) go into: 
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\textures\icons

The .ddt  'ui_?_title_civ FILES' (files in textures main folder) go into: 
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\textures

The .ddt  'marketlines and resourcelines' (files in ui folder) go into: 
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\textures\ui


Detele all you installed. 
You never replaced any files, you only told the game to use the mods for as long as they were installed. 

The startup script, an explanation: 

U can open the uimain.mxl (with wordpad, notepad etc) and set automatic nr to tc, hyena of set, pharaoh and scout. 
The startup script is right at top so its easy to find. It looks like this: 

<command>gadgetUnReal('EkantaStartupScript') uiFindType('Hyena of Set') uiCreateNumberGroup(2) uiFindType('AbstractPharaoh') uiCreateNumberGroup(4) uiFindType('settlementsThatTrainVillagers') tis('Villager Norse') tis('Villager Egyptian') tis('Villager Greek') tis('Villager Atlantean') uiToggleBuildingQueue uiCreateNumberGroup(9) uiFindType('AbstractScout') uiCreateNumberGroup(1)</command>

In the example above I use the nr's: 2,4,9,1. You can change it to what you like, and save the file again. 
The things that came after this stuff is to be able to set the greek, norse, egypt or atlantean setting asap, 
you dont need to change that. 

There are actually 4 startup scripts now! If you make a cross on the screen:
The upper left part sets it to greek
The upper right part sets it to norse
The lower left part sets it to egypt
The lower right part sets it to atlantean
(same logic as the buttons above the idle banners)

Also, if you want to get rid of it altoghether: It starts and ends with these lines at the top: 


Delete these two lines and ALL BETWEEN THEM if you dont want it. 


Good things to know: 

If you have the uimpsetupfinal.xml or uimpsetupfinal.xmb modification files (popularly called 'chat fix') 
installed in data directory you will have problem if you change between playing aom and aot. 
You might have to remove them temporarily, as its not compatible with both versions. 

If you have trouble changing between aom and aot, then its because the game creates a xmb version of the uimain.xml
that it uses when you play. However this is sometimes for either aom or aot only. What you do then is to manually 
go into data directory and delete uimain.xmb, not uimain.xml. 
If you plan on playing both aom and aot its best to first play aom (vanilla) one time after you install mod. 


Idle banners at the top:

1st - number of villagers
2nd - number of fishing ships
3rd - number of caravans
4th - number of military
5th - number of heroes
Idle counter above idle banners is also a button: 
(first 4 now have the function of setting culture [see bellow] and then toggling between 
armybanners or building/unit panel)

1st - 	greek information shown +nr prayers as favour gatherers
2nd - 	norse information shown 
	(will show gatherers + dwarves for idle villagers. +nr hersis as favour gatherers
3rd - 	egyptian information shown +nr monuments as favour gatherers
4th - 	atlantean information 
	(will show citizens + citizen heroes for idle villagers) + nr TC as favour gatherers
5th - 	have the function of toggling between Aom and Aot settings (toggles easydragmilitary checkbutton and 
	strategicmap button). 

There is a button to toggle bookmarks function in recorded games. 

Buy sell buttons over market are also buttons, 
buy - toggles blackmap
sell - toggles fog of war
(These 2 only work in single player, nice when playing campains etc). 


The house and farm counters (top left) are also buttons: 

House button - toggle god powers, if minimized ui and you used em all.  
Farm button - click to show all ingame gather rates for your villagers and fishing ships. 


About Camera settings: 

Set a nr on zoom and then hit '+' (PLUS) to activate the new zoom setting. 
It works great in single player at least. But not multi. 

--> 'Zoom doesnt work in multiplayer so it doesnt come up then'
This mod is made so its fully compatible with: 

Xentelians rollover files. i.e: there is enough room to view it all. 
Reyks editor mods. i.e: name of icons dont conflicts etc.

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