Elvish Druid



A new unit modpack. Elvish druid who can summons forest wolves (with 4 textures variation logic) and there´s a new tech obtainable at town center that allows her to summon ancient wolves, bigger, more powerful and resistant.




First, i hope u like and enjoy this modpack!!!

Here is Karpunk again with a new female unit!!!

(Eeeeeeeh...... sorry if my english is a little poor, ok?)

The Elvish druid is a new unit mod, but there´s three new units and a new tech in the file so i can say is a modpack.

Elvish druids are nature mages. In closed contact with their environment, they protect it and it protects them.
Elves are friendly with all kind of animals, and can get help from them when is needed. 
Due to their natural affinity, Elvish druids can summon forest wolves and ancient wolves in combat by training them by herself.
Ancient wolves are the most powerful and older between their eqquals. In a beggining, the druid only summons forest wolves and a new tech called "Call of the ancients" allows Elvish druid to summon Ancient wolves.
I made it as norse unit cause i think norse is the more "fantastic" civ. in the game, (fantastic of fantasy), there 
are dwarves (and even in their history appears the name of tolkien) and runes and all of this...
The unit is powerful but very expensive (500 gold and 15 favor) and the tech to train Ancient wolves costs 200 food, 200 gold and 25 favor. The forest wolves 50 food, 5 favor and Ancient wolves 150 food, 10 favor.
Elvish druid is a wolves´ walking factory, good healer and has a ranged attack not too powerful but good against myth units (She is a norse hero). 
The wolves are huntables, i mean they can be killed (hunted or supr.) and used as meat resource by villagers, so Elvish druid has strategical variations, offense, economy...
The unit has a buildlimit of 5, i mean u only can train 5 of them, they are powerful...
Maybe she is too powerful, so your comments and tips to fix the file and make it more balanced will be wellcome
In my language i could write a better description and history, but in english is hard...



The zip file includes:

_Three new anims: "Elvish druid_anim", "Forest wolf_anim" (with a variation logic; forest wolves appear with 4 different textures, ey! i took a pair of textures of QUETZELCOATL´s wolf texture mod, if this become a problem i will edit the upload without them, ok?), and "Ancient wolf_anim".
_Four new protos: Elvish druid. proto, Forest wolf.proto, Ancient wolf.proto and Settlement level 1.proto (I made that the unit and the new tech (Call of the ancients) could be trained in the norse town center.
_Three new snds(sound): "Elvish druid_snds", "Forest wolf_snds" and "Ancient wolf_snds".
_Six new textures (ddt): "Elvish druid.ddt", "Elvish druid head", "Forest wolf map.ddt","Brown wolf.ddt", 
"Grey wolf.ddt" (these last two textures are made by QUETZELCOATL, and u can find them with higher resolution on http://aom.heavengames.com/downloads/, ok?) and "Ancient wolf map.ddt", 
_Eight new icons: "Elvish druid icon", "Elvish druid icon 64", "Forest wolf icon", "Forest wolf icon 64", "Ancient wolf icon", "Ancient wolf icon 64", "Improvement Call of the ancients icon" and "Improvement Call of the ancients icon 64".
_Techtreex.xmb: Where is included the new tech (bottom) and the "summoning", effect for the Elvish druid´s wolves training 
(think that are included the motsognir the mighty´s techs too. What a great mod!!!) and variations of all norses´third ages including the Elvish druid training.
_Screenshot-collage: To take a look to the unit before installing... or not! (i think she is really beautiful...!!!)
In fact the most of the upload size is due to the screenshotand and the language.dll file
_Xpacklanguage.dll:This is optional. The features are: rollovertextid for the units, not "*** "at the beginning of unit´s name and the correct name of the new tech. if u paste it, make a backcopy of ur original xpacklanguage or u can edit ur own xpacklanguage.dll (or language.dll) with vachu´s text editor.
_Readme file.
_Install and uninstall instructions.

I hope u like it, this is a little complex mod so it´s almost sure that has bugs, please comment it, i will fix it, ok? =====AND RATE IT!!!!!======

Doubts, tips, complains, comments, ur sister´s phone number...: [email protected]

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