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Europe Under Fire 2

By ScnPunk (iNtRePiD)

Description: Europe Under Fire 2 will features multiple game types in one multiplayer scenario. Players are able to choose from a wide array of game types when they start the map, thus allowing players to play this map time and time again from a fresh perspective. 

Game styles:

Standard: This is standard AoM gameplay.

Deathmatch: You begin the game with a large amount of resources.

Lightning: The game has a slightly faster pace to it.

Warp Speed: This game has a ridiculously fast pace to it.

High Pop: Begin and continue the game with a much higher pop cap then usual.

Resourcefulness: You begin the game in the Mythic age with an infinite amount of resources.

Game Types:

Standard: This is your basic start off with a Town Centre build up and crush your opponents type of play.

King of the Hill: At the centre of the map lies a Plenty Vault, whoever can control it for 8 minutes wins the game.

Nomad: Your civilization specific starting units begin scattered around the map.

Sudden Death: If your Citadel falls you have only 2 minutes to claim a settlement in order to stay alive.

Regicide: You must protect Arkantos, if he dies you will die.

Point Capture: Points will scattered across the map that players can capture to receive bonuses, however the play must station a large number of military units at the point in order to continue receiving benefits.

The Unstandard Start: You begin the game with two settlements separated by vast tracts of land and water. You must use your roc to try to put this situation to your advantage.

* This map is expected to have updates.

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