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Fly by Night is a great new way of playing escape scenarios. Hundreds of triggers, and a good map design makes this one of the most complex...


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Fly by Night is a great new way of playing escape scenarios. Hundreds of triggers, and a good map design makes this one of the most complex escapes out there.

First of all, what is an escape scenario? An escape is a scenario in which there are 2 teams - one team is composed of the hunters, and the other is composed of escapees. The hunter team is usually smaller than the escapees. The hunters must use powerful units to destroy the escapee's single villager. However, the villager can build buildings and towers to defend himself.

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~Fly By Night Escape~
By FC_Nidhogg

To install this game, put the .scx file in the My Documents/My Games/Age of Mythology/Scenario 
folder.  To setup this game get 5 players, set the 6th player as a computer, and make sure that ALL 

So whats new here?  Well, you can either choose which players can be the hunters (as usual), or you can make the hunters completely randomized.  Also, the escapees can cast spells (with great special effects), and the hunters can sacrifice units (also with ok special effects).  This makes the game much more interesting than a normal escape.  Try out some of the following spells :

Judgement - Calls down meteors to hit all enemies surrounding the escapee villager.

Prominence - The strongest spell, it covers the map in a blinding heat stroke that greatly damages all hunter units.

Lightspeed - Increases villager speed, with an amazing flash of light, to let the escapee ... escape.

Summon : The Dead - Undead soldiers appear and kill all the enemy units in an area.

And More! - Heal, burn weapons, and summon guardians!
To setup this game :  Teams do not matter.  They are set in game.  However, it is mandatory that ALL PLAYERS CHOOSE KRONOS AS THEIR CIVILIZATION!  ANY PLAYER NOT UNDER THE RULE OF KRONOS WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY KICKED FROM THE GAME (by the game).  The last player should be a computer.
To increase gameplay - try out EVERYTHING.  Some things are more interesting than others.

But most important... don't play with $%#@ing noobs!  There are two types of noobs - the nice type, and the ^%$%ing type!  Nothing gets more annoying than playing with the second type.  Play with people on your friends list, or kick anyone who you suspect.  I was playing a game of this recently, and the noobs were unbearable.  I know we were all noobs at one time, but be a nice noob, not a ^%@$ing noob!
Thats about it... gl, hf.

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