Forest Blood 3

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Check it out.

Map Review Coming... :D

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In the beginning, a small cinematic intro explains, how to create an army and how to get resources. After that, the 4 players start in the edges of a 300x300 forest map. They all want to own the big trees in the middle which give resources but are protected by Circe. The more gold you have, the more Health Points your units get which can let you have Hoplites with over 1000 HP!
All over the map are small eye candies and hidden places, which can give the players god powers or something else. Every 450 seconds, a fast round starts which gives the players lots of god powers: The players get a strong power like Tornado, a skeleton power and a sandstorm. In your fortress, you have got 3 Gatherers, 3 Ulfsarks and 4 Sentinels.
Every minute your Fortress gets stronger, in the end it can have more than 400 Attack and 15000 Health Points, so it's really difficult to get it down!
But if someone gets it down, you lose...

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