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An updated version of CoolSk8r32's Gargarensis. ...


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An updated version of CoolSk8r32's Gargarensis. I'm sorry to delete your review Ashatay but this map is not part of the other Gargarensis map series. I don't like reviewing my own stuff so will one of the reviewers review this please.

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This readme is helpful for everyone to know about this map:


Unzip the compressed folder to the "Age of Mythology/Scenario" directory, then you can play it by
launching the game and going to "Single Player" and loading the scenario.  Or you can go to the map
editor (the "More" menu and then click "editor") and edit the map yourself.  Everything is done for you
besides the above instructions.


This file is about the campaign heroes and villains, with the title Gargarensis.
Since it is hard to do another storyline, I chose the imitation campaign.  There are many cool sounds,
extra music files, and cinematics.  Triggers are plentiful, too.  They took me a long time to make
and I hope you like them!

					Alex Boyd

		Questions or Comments?  Email me at or  Thanks a bunch!

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