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A single player scenario in which you play the part of a Gladiator.

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A single player scenario in which you play the part of a Gladiator.


I was excited when I first started playing this map. It looked like it was going to be a cool map in which you have to become the new Gladiator of an arena by defeating waves of hungry animals. The cinematic wasn't bad, and more than adaquate for the purpose of the map, but after the first few seconds of the cinematic, the scenario brings up the "You have been defeated screen", but the cinematic onctinued until the end, where the scenario reported an invalid function entry. This is usually casued by the incorrect entry of a trigger.

My suggestion for the developer is to test his/her maps before releasing them to the general public. It would sure save a lot of errors, and wasted time on the developers part (has to go back and fix the errors).

I think that with some work and devotion, this could become a decent scenario. I dont recommend this to downloaders.

-shimano55 (btw: I cannot rate this because the map was incomplete)

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There was no readme supplied with the zip when I recieved it...but all you have to do is put the .scn files in your AoM Directory>scenario folder, and than you're done.

To Developer: Please include a readme next time.

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