Golden Minotaur (Reviewed)



This mod replaces the Minotaur with almost the same thing. To tell you the truth, I'm not really a goldenified mod fan, and this doesn't change my view. It says it gives it a golden sash, but thats only if your race is yellow. So basically, it gives the Minotaur gold around the neck and gold horns. I would say what's the point, if I wanted a gold minotaur I would be player 7 or something. Oh, and this is a replacer. So basically, i don't recommend this mod, unless you like golden enemies... ...waveslave...



Instalation: Extract special g minotaur.ddt to the Textures 
             folder in your AOM directory. 
             (e.g. C:AgeofMythology/Textures)

Contact me:  If you have any comments or complaints on this 
             mod please e-mail me at [email protected]
             or add a review/comment on this file at AOMH.

Important:   If you would like to use this mod in any of
             your campaigns/scenarios or anything else
             please contact me first by e-mailing me at
             [email protected]. Also, I have not given
             permission to anyone to copy this mod.

Credits:     Joey the Titan (Creating new texture)
             eshobannon (Inspiration)

Final Notes: I hope you enjoy my mod and remember that this
             mod has been tested fully and no bugs are present.
             But, if you do detect a bug please contact me.

E-mail:      neo[email protected]

--------------Happy gaming everyone!-->

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