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Check out the readme, it's all there.

You'll need a .bar extracter, you can pick one up here:


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Check out the readme, it's all there.

You'll need a .bar extracter, you can pick one up here:

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This is my first mod, and it looks cool to me. It is a new unit, and the installation is fairly
simple, but more complicated than simply unzipping one .scn file.  It is a Great Swordsman, and
this unit can be placed in the map editor.  When you upgrade weapons of units at the armory (i.e.
"bronze weapons" or "copper weapons"), this unit gets a better weapon.  The change is great!  He
looks similar to an axeman, and is upgraded with medium, heavy, and champion axemen.  His weapons
include: axe, scythe, sword, great sword (the one the guardian uses).


First, you'll need to go to the "anim" folder in the Age of Mythology directory.
Then copy and paste the .txt file in the zip archive under the folder "anim" to the anim folder
in your Age of Mythology folder.  The .txt file should be named "Great Swordsman_anim."  Now you have
the swordsman animation.  Here comes the next part.

Go under the proto folder (included in the zip archive) and open the "Great Swordsman Proto" file
with notepad.  Keep the window up.  Then, I would like you to back up your proto.  Go to the data folder
in the Age of Mythology folder.  Now, find the file named "proto.xml" and copy it.  Make a new folder
in the Age of Mythology folder titled "Old Proto" and paste the file proto.xml into the old proto folder.
You have now backed up your proto, which lets you get rid of all units that did not come with the game
if you choose to.

Now, you should still have the "Great Swordsman Proto" file up.  Copy all the contents of this text file
and go to the data folder in Age of Mythology.  Find that same file "proto.xml" and open it with notepad.
This is the unit storage area, where you can input new units just like object editor, except you don't need
to download the program.  Go to the end of the file (it should be very long) and paste all the contents of
the proto in the zip archive between "</unit>" and "</proto>" (insert a space after </unit> to make room
for the paste). The end of the file should look like this:


That's it!  In later mods, I will shorten my readmes.  If either this is confusing, you have questions
or comments, or you want to know how to do this, email me at OR  Thanks
for trying it!

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