Greek Devils (Reviewed)



Makes your Kataskopos (Scout) and greek Villager look like red devils It will give them a black hairy patch under the stomache a bare red chest, a red head with evil grin and a small greek dress. :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:Reviewed by CoolSk8r32:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:

Well, Joey the Titan did a pretty good job... at making the most common, generic unit in the game seem... well... kinda weird looking. You can tell he probably didn't shade the texture by hand. If you did, Joey, than sorry, but it doesn't look like it too much. I'd have to not recommend this mod because it feels like a beta version of a small mod, which gets annoying. I included a screenshot of it - pretty much just turns the villager into this red guy who is supposedly a devil. He modded the mouth a bit so it looks like "an evil smile." Ya coulda done a better job on this, Joey. Update it or something.




Put the .ddt files in the Textures folder in your AOM Directory.

---Please note:

This mod was built by Joey the Titan and produced by the Aom
Network Design Team. Also the builder of the mod or Aom Network
Desogn Team is not reliable for any bad things that happen to
your game or anything else.

Please give credit to the creator when you use this in anything 
you publicisize.


Please e-mail [email protected] for comments, complaints and questions.


Building: Joey the Titan
Producing: The Aom Network Design Team

---Final notes:

Thank-you for downloading this mod and we hope that you will enjoy it.


                               The Aom Network Design Team

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