Guardian Of Atlantis

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Developer: Dozza
E-Mail (MSN Messenger): [email protected]
File Type: New Unit

Unit Name: Guardian Of Atlantis
Atla-Where?: Remember the Campaign? Well now the island has a guardian.
Base Model: Guardian


-Guardian Stats


1-Copy the content of the &quot;goaproto.txt&quot; to the bottem of your proto file, between </unit> and </proto>
2-Extract the &quot;atlantisguard.ddt&quot; file into your textures folder.
3-Extract the &quot;guardian of atlantis_anim.txt&quot; file into your anim folder.


-This is a major update to a low class mod i made when i started out modding.
-Instead of a modification this is a new unit now.
-This is the second unit i have created based on the Guardian, there will be more.

--Thanks to...--

Microsoft and Ensemble studios for this game!
The many people and things that got me started on Modding, campaign making and stuff.
Coolsk8r32 for encouraging me to create the full unit as a new unit.


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