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Created by Dozza

*Sigh*. I know Dozza can do better than this. This mod just replaces the Guardian's Sword with a trident. That's it. No new texture. It's not a new unit. My god, do me a favor and update this Dozza! Give it a new texture, and maybe make a new unit out of it. Do something to it! I placed it in the editor and just stared blankly at it. He doesn't do anything. He's just a normal Guardian, except he has a trident. I do not recommend this. Sorry Dozza, but this isn't your best work.





Developer: Dozza
E-Mail (MSN Messenger): [email protected]

Mod Name: Guardian Of Atlantis
Atla-Where?: Remember the Campaign? Well now the island has a guardian.
Unit Changed: Guardian


-Guardian Stats


1-Download AOMed from AOMFiles. Do a search for it.

2-Convert the anim.bar with the program.

3-Find the Guardian_anim and make a copy of it. Now make a folder and call it oldunits. Put it in here, you can now use this for all mods, put the originals in here.

4-Now extract the guardian_anim into your anim folder, which should be in your AoM directory.

5-You can now place the Guardian on the map editer, he holds a trident!


-This is a simple mod!
-Build on the idea: You can make the guardian hold ANYTHING that is an anim file.

--Thanks to...--

Microsoft and Ensemble studios for this game!
The many people and things that got me started on Modding, campaign making and stuff.


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